Shanghai NG. Fong Electro-Hydraulic Complete Engineering Co, Ltd. (NEH) is a member of Shanghai No.803 Research Institute of China Aerospace Industry Corporation. Also, it is a member of the Hydraulic and Lubrication Commission of China Metallurgy Equipment Committee.

NEH's products can satisfy various requirements for the centralized lubrication systems and hydraulic systems of assorted industry fields throughout the country. Our products are now applied in the fields of metallurgy, chemistry industry, harbor machinery, construction machinery and bus manufacture. Some products have entered the international market, such as the markets of Netherlands, Singapore, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand and Burma, etc.

NEH strictly conforms himself to the principle: "Customers the foundation, quality the first". We apply the precision machine tools, the laboratory center and the measuring center in No.803 Research Institute to strictly control the product quality.

It is the responsibility of NEH for the customers consideration--"The customers' urgent need is urgent for us. The customers' idea is just our idea". NEH serves the customers with a package service system. It consists of system design, equipment manufacture, site installation and troubleshooting, operators training and pre-sale service and post-sale service. The engineers and technicians with rich technical experience execute the site installation, troubleshooting and post sale services.

We warmly welcome the customers from all over the world to visit us, and negotiate the business cooperation with us. NEH are dedicating to the development of Chinese hydraulic and lubrication system.

Lubrication pump and pump station Reversing valve and differential pressure switch Distributors
Lubrication pump type DRB Reversing valve type 24EJF-M SSP type Dual-line distributor
Lubrication pump type DXB Hydraulic operated 4/2-way valve YDF-25 WPQ type progressive distributor
pump for multi-line lubrication type DDB Differential pressure switch type YCK-M5 WDQ type progressive distributor
Lubrication pump type WRB   WEQ type distributor
Manual lubrication pump type SRB    
Air-operated lubrication pump type QRB-1    
Filling pump type DJB    
Manual topping-up pump type SJB    
Lubrication pump station type MRZ    
Lubrication pump station type YGZ    
Mobile lubrication pump station type YDBZ    
Portable filling pump station type DJBC    
Filling pump station type DJBX    
Lubrication pump station type XMRZ    

Oil lubrication station and hydraulic pump station Electrical control box Accessories
Oil circulation station type XRZ Electrical control box type DK-1A Pressure relief indicator
Cleaning pump station type QXZ Electrical control box type DK-2 SPF-type electrical monitor for dual-line distributor
Hydraulic pump station type LMD Electrical control box type DK-3 PSF-type electrical monitor for progressive distributor
Hydraulic pump station type YZ Electrical control box type DK-7 Flow control switch type LLJ-5
  Electrical control box type DK-8 Hose fitting type HFK
    Grease nipples
    Pipes; fittings; pipe clamps


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